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A Show Like No Other

A Show Like No Other: SWINGAMJIG does New Years Eve!!!

Music … Magic… Make believe like it’s 1929…

After their superb May time outdoor frivolities, Swingamjig now welcomes us all to their winter wonderland… Rumours of the Electric Swing Circus, floating art installations, acrobats and aerials, magicians and delicious DJs abound, but the full line up is yet to be released.

This is just a quick¬†heads up (more info to follow) as it’s our kind of party… the Jibbering Sound System is in the attic and tickets are going quick smart…

This will be a New Year’s party with a real difference… Swingamajig is the world of speakeasy, swinging steam punk madness, the roaring 20s with floor stomping beats beneath! The poolside at Alfie Birds (Custard Factory) is the location and will be transformed into an immersive world full of wonder and delight.


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