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Jibbering was conceived in 1999 when we started promoting shows and in the year 2000 we opened Jibbering Records- Birmingham’s finest record shack, art gallery and coffee shop!

Since then we have been staging cutting edge musical events in Brum and further a field and are integral in the creation of Shambala Festival.

Alas, after 9 years, we finally had to succumb to modern musical trends and close our beloved record shop, but, that was not the end of Jibbering…

Jibbering lives on and from our studio base at The Custard Factory, Birmingham, we continue to stage gigs, art exhibitions and special events all over the country.

With one foot firmly into roots and one exploring the present day, Jibbering has grown from many exciting cultures. This is reflected in our favourite music genres- hip hop, funk, reggae, world music, folk, jazz, and other vintage beats as well as breaks, electro, dubstep, D&B and other beatsy, bleepy treats.

We are also a one stop shop for all YOUR event requirements, whether it be P.A. hire, promotion, logistics, creative input or simply the whole shebang, we are happy to assist you in any way.

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