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ASM (A State of Mind) BOY COM

WEDNESDAY 8th DECEMBER >> Hare & Hounds >> 7.30 – 11.00pm

Live on Stage: ASM (A State of Mind) and BOY COM

Support DJs Cro, Tangawizi and Sam Redmore

Advance Tickets £4/5 from The Ticket Sellers

Jibbering proudly presents; a night of live dance floor orientated Hip-Hop with a Funk, Soul and Reggae underbelly!!!

ASM are one of Europe’s fastest emerging Hip Hop acts. They are rapidly making their mark on the scene through their original and boundary-pushing live shows, recently deemed “leaders of the new school” by DJ Vadim (BBE).

Their live showcase is rooted in a unique form of beat production by Fade, DJ Sativo and Lando. The three of them work together on stage with an Akai MPC, Roland SP-404, Micro Korg Keyboard, Flute, Melodica, Korg Kaos Pad, Theremin, a turntable and a scratch mixer to create some of the freshest Soul, Reggae and Funk infused Hip Hop killers around. The music they create forms the perfect backdrop for the talented lyricists, FP the Funky Poet and Green-T, to get busy and experiment with rhymes and back and forth flows in ways that are surely unique in the world of underground hip hop today.

ASM recently featured on the single ‘Positively Inclined’ from French producer Wax Tailor’s album ‘Hope & Sorrow’ which has already sold over 50,000 copies worldwide. Their music video for Positively Inclined was also been taken by MTV France and held a top 40 slot for 6 weeks in the French national airplay charts – a rare achievement for an underground conscious hip hop group. ASM’s debut album ‘Platypus Funk’ features Dj Vadim (BBE Music), Sadat X (Brand Nubian) Wax Tailor (Decon), Wildchild (Stones Throw), Kid Kanevil (First Word) and Bonobo (Ninja tune).

If you’re a fan of Jurassic 5, Ugly Duckling, People Under The Stairs, those type of cats, then you’ll love this positive music!!!

In support we are overjoyed to welcome back Boy Com. This 7 piece Kick-Ass-Party-Hip-Hop collective, rocked the house on their last appearance at the Hare, in support of The Black Seeds.

Their aim is to make you groove till the end of the night and even after you’ve left the venue! From the cheeky to the downright dirty their sound is funked up, reggae tinged party band – you have to catch their rendition of the Jungle Book theme tune!

Boy Com’s debut single ‘Who Needs ‘Em Anyway?’ (Naim Records) is great. The phatest beats, the smoothest basslines and the most roaring brass section you’ve ever heard! There ain’t a chance in hell you won’t love them!

“One of my favourite bands at the moment… ‘Who Needs ‘Em Anyway?’ is a definite classic!” The Guardian

The fun doesn’t stop there though! In support we have one of the finest hip-hop DJs and connoisseurs around in DJ Cro, alongside. Mister Sam Redmore of the now legendary Freestyle Fridays at the Bull’s Head, and the shake ‘em up throw em’ down sounds of Tangawizi…

Get your tickets and get there early! Doors at 7.30pm – early finish as it’s a school night !!!

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