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Thursday night saw the launch of Ninety’s brand new collection, OneDrinPen, and gave JIbbering Art and Music fans a chance to meet the artist himself as well as soak up the sounds of G-Corp‘s Jah Grizzly as he played out brand new mash ups and sounds straight from the Elephant House Studios.

Ninety’s work is unique and innovatve, using various techniques and illustrative styles that are instantly recognisable as his own. Ninety has built up a great fan base already as G-Corp‘s resident artist as well as his work for various other ep and album covers, and taking a deeper look at some of his new pieces, it is obvious that album art is only the tip of the iceberg for this legendary talent. This collection was also a chance for him to showcase the Holga camera and an accompanying book which he was artistic director of, an intriguing look at ‘life through a plastic lens’. This is a great read for any photographers or fans of photography. On the market since 1982, the Holga camera’s simplicity has made it an underground legend of the camera world. Read more about this great instrument by going to The camera became quite sought after at the launch party as it is a fantastic toy, so much so that the display camera at the exhibition was snapped up by Yesking‘s Rhys Adams, who was in the area for a Leftfoot gig at The Bull’s Head, Moseley, the following night.

Ninety’s OneDrinPen exhibition is showcasing at Jibbering for the next month, so you have until the 26th of November to come and see some truly great art. There are various framed originals available to buy, as well as prints, records and CDs with his work on for those of you with a tighter budget. The feedback from the show was fantastic, so don’t miss this special chance to at least come and take a look.

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