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Due to various twists of fate and fortune we are really pleased to announce a special one off FREE Jibbering gig at the Hare and Hounds on Friday the 8th of February.

Three fine live acts, many great DJs and it’s all FREE!!

Headliners X.O.V.A are a very impressive band we only recently came accross (love good suprises!). Hailing from Birmingham and numbering seven in their ranks, X.O.V.A. are a diverse bunch, and in their own words “multi-generational masters of a vibrant roots sound”. A sound that is lyrically conscious, fired by the social and political issues of today, akin to and seemingly unchanged from the time of the 1st generation of West Midlands reggae-indie bands. X.O.V.A. are impressive and confidant live, their sound of now fuses their reggae roots with ska, rock, dubstep, blues and soul.

As if X.O.V.A. would not be enough for a FREE gig, we have a contingent of friends from Belfast coming over (including Mike who some of you may remember from his time served behind the counter in the record shop)….

SCREAM BLUE MURMUR is our first live support act. Now in their seventh year, they have been through several re-incarnations. Although they are from Ireland they are also regular players in the United States and many other far afield destinations. However, they have rarely played in the UK and this gig is something we are all looking forward to! Always on the move and looking for new ways to articulate ideas both lyrically and musically, SCREAM BLUE MURMUR’s music ranges from bastardised forms of funk and reggae, to soul and rock-swing – what the group calls “Ruffhous”.

Further support comes from JBR, also from Belfast. JBR is a very talented DJ, producer and multi-instrumentalist. His sound is lush Dub, laced with live sounds, filtered through electronic wizardry and layered with loops! JBR brings something different to the mix with his heavyweight basslines, live melodica and trumpet!

DJ support confirmed so far:

LATRO (IRE) [aka ‘Irish Mike’] / MANZO (Hero Records)
2CI WOGAN (Police Rave Unit) / TANGAWIZI (Jibbering)
The event is FREE, but collection buckets will be passed round as it is a fundraiser for research into Crohns disease – a cause shared through personal experiences at Jibbering and X.O.V.A..

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