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Matt Castleton

Hexangle – live art installation to screen print – a truly original project by Sickboy and Shambala Festival

Shambala Festival will launch the final part of its “Hexangle” art project on Thursday 25th October. The concept behind the project, curated by Shambala and Sickboy, was to bring six international artists together at the festival and for them to each paint one side of the giant Hexangle live art installation.

Kid Acne, Mudwig, Russell Maurice, Sickboy, Zoot and 45rpm painted the Hexangle at Shambala in August, with the whole installation limited to just three colours so that hand pulled screen prints could be produced from their work. Only 20 editions of each of the 6 sets of screen prints will be available on A2, 100% recycled paper and each print is signed by the artist and numbered.

“This project is unique,” said Sickboy. “A live art installation has never been replicated on a screen print before and its great to be working with such talented artists who produce seriously fresh artworks.”

These distinctive and limited edition prints, priced at £75 each, will go on sale at 7pm on Thursday, October 25th and are available from Shambala’s new online shop here.  All proceeds from the sale will go to the Banunule School for Orphans in Uganda.

“This is an opportunity to own a rare and highly collectable piece of art whilst also supporting a worthy cause,” said Oliver Grassi of Shambala Festival. “It’s also a lovely way of having a little piece of Shambala at home!”

For pre sales of the Hexangle screen prints, please contact

Check out the Hexangle video here

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