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It’s taken a week for Jibbering Art to fully get back into the swing of things since Shambala!

From the sounds and the lasers in the woods by the Modulate guys; to the release of 50 floating lanterns from the lakeside; to the random acoustic jazz band that we ran into, in the early hours of Monday morning somewhere on Lake Boulevard; every experience we had at Shambala seemed magical and inspirational.

Not to mention the laughter and fun that we have shared with the artists. Big thank you to Fluid, Faith 47, Gastro, Glenn Anderson, Junc, LL Brainwashed, Lucy McLauchlan, Mac1 (& Mac2, Mac’s son), Marq Tu, Matt Watkins, Motorboy, Newso, Rowdy, Semor & Co, Sweet Toof and Sickboy.

Jibbering Art arranged for 17 heavyweight and internationally recognised artists to be let loose on 4 giant triangular boards that were situated around the Dome arena. The work that they produced was creative, fresh, varied and cutting edge. For pictures and more information on how you can buy parts of these boards for charity, click here.

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