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Yes yes the mighty Apples are back! The much anticipated return of this truly unique and original party band. Undisputed kings of raw funk scratchadelica!

The Apples have been creating genre melting, infectious grooves for nearly a decade now. Blending a unique concoction of 4 decks, 4 blazing horns, double bass, drums and heavy electronic effects, The Apples create a big band vibe mixed with their Middle Eastern influences. Their sound pushes the boundaries of modern funk and rocks the socks of any dancefloor!

The Apples are at their best live, spontaneous composition shines bright and they work their audiences into a booty-shaking, body heaving frenzy. Recent live appearances include WOMAD, Camp Bestival and Secret Garden Party festivals as well as being firm favourites at our own Shambala Festival.

For a taste check The Apples reworking of Rage Against The Machine’s “Killing in the Name Of”

Advance tickets £8 (+b/fee)

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