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A night of 7

Jibbering is seriously excited to present a night of pure 7″ pleasure.  A whole heap of DJs are being invited along to the Bull’s Head to spin a set of their seven favourite 7″ singles.  You can expect mashed up selections of funk, hip hop, reggae, soul, beats and all sorts of obscure gems and serioulsy rare treats.

It is only a couple of quid to get in and it promises to be a night of much fun, loadsa surprises and lots of groovin!

Sat 23rd May


The Bull’s Head, Moseley

$2 tax but free before 10pm!

One Response

  • Posted on 5-5-2009

    hi,wouldnt mind playing a few 7s at the next magnificent 7s gig,thanks,dyl

    by dj dylan

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